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Wage & Hour

There is a complex web of laws and regulations that governs how employers must pay their employees. Because these laws are so complex, employers often fail to comply.  Sometimes this is intentional, and often it is inadvertent. In both cases, noncompliance is still illegal and can carry stiff penalties and damages, including even personal liability for certain senior executives.

Whitney Law Group assists individuals in evaluating whether they have been paid correctly or not, and advises on how best to approach their situations given each person’s specific circumstances.  Sometimes wage violations can be resolved informally with the employer and in a manner that preserves the preexisting employment relationship. Other times, a more aggressive approach is necessary – and WLG litigates Wage & Hour violations on behalf of its clients in federal and state courts. In some cases, the violations are widespread across an organization and warrant prosecution through a “class action” litigation mechanism. 

Examples of the types of Wage & Hour violations that WLG prosecutes on behalf of its clients include:

  • misclassification of employees as independent contractors;
  • failing to pay overtime – based on hours worked
  • failing to pay overtime – based on misclassification of employees as “exempt” (when they should have been “non-exempt”);
  • failing to pay wages;
  • failing to pay minimum wage;
  • failing to pay earned commissions and certain bonuses;
  • withholding of accrued but unused vacation time at termination;
  • improper administration of meal breaks;
  • improper pay docking;
  • improper handling of tips;
  • failing to comply with child labor rules;
  • and a host of other Wage & Hour violations.

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