Compliance Advice and HR Consulting Services

Whitney Law Group helps companies navigate the complex web of employment laws. We do so by serving as an affordable resource for employers when they are making day-to-day decisions in the workplace.  This service is especially useful to small and mid-sized companies that do not have a full-time HR function.  Our goal is to assist employers in complying with the law, and avoiding costly mistakes before they occur.

Examples of the types of day-to-day HR issues that we advise on include:

  • hiring issues;
  • handling performance problems, and general performance management;
  • proper documentation of HR items;
  • managing leaves of absence;
  • terminations;
  • wage and hour compliance;
  • policies and employee handbooks;
  • employee privacy issues;
  • issues that arise from employee use and misuse of technology and equipment; and
  • a wide variety of other legal compliance issues that arise in the workplace.

WLG prices these services to make them affordable to the small and mid-sized employer.  Fixed-price compliance question hotline packages are available as well.

In addition, WLG employs a highly experienced HR Consultant — Rita Vogel — who serves as a valuable resource to WLG’s smaller-sized, closely-held, and family-owned business clients who are unable to employ full-time HR directors. Rita is available to assist WLG clients with the day-to-day HR operational related questions.  Rita also assists WLG’s clients with the evaluation of their policy manuals and assists WLG attorneys in conducting HR compliance audits. Rita works closely with WLG’s attorneys and knows when it is necessary to elevate a day-to-day issue to the attorneys.


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