Employment Law For Individuals | Noncompete Agreements / Restrictive Covenants

Mark has gained extensive experience in the area of noncompete agreements and other types of restrictive covenants. (See professional biography.) One of the things that Mark has noticed over the years is that the deck is stacked disproportionately in favor of employers with respect to these agreements.  As a result, often individuals refrain from seeking advice about or challenging their noncompete when seeking potential new employment. 

Think you can't afford to challenge your overbroad noncompete agreement?  ...  Think again.

Through WLG, Mark is seeking to turn the tables on this imbalance by offering an affordable, fixed-price alternative for individuals to evaluate, potentially negotiate a resolution, or even challenge their noncompete agreements and other restrictive covenants in court.  Putting his years of management-side restrictive covenant litigation experience to work for you, Mark will work with you to evaluate the potential enforcability of your noncompete agreement, explore the wide varitey of factual, equitable and legal defenses to enforcement, and provide you with a realistic evaluation of your chances of success to limit or potentially avoid altogether your post-employment restrictive covenants.  

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