Employment Law For Individuals | Executive Advocacy

An experienced advocate on your team

Mark Whitney has spent his career representing a broad spectrum of employers in connection with regard to the wide variety of legal issues that relate to senior executives.  From contracts to litigation, Mark understands how employers approach complex issues with executives.  Mark also recognizes that the executive's interests sometimes differ and often align with the employer's goals, which requires a delicate attention to diplomacy in negotiations.

How WLG can help

WLG provides a variety of legal services that are specifically tailored to the needs of senior executives, including:

  • employment agreement negotiation;
  • evaluation and negotiation of compensation packages;
  • on-boarding and exit strategy advice;
  • severance package negotiation;
  • evaluation of potential claims;
  • avoiding legal disputes when forming a start-up business (e.g., avoiding employee raiding claims, avoid running afoul of trade secret law, fair competition law, or other restrictive covenants);
  • compensation advice, including various forms of incentive compensation;
  • post-employment restrictive covenants advice and litigation;
  • providing coaching and advice in the background to help guide the executive through difficult situations.

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